James Conner for picks?

I have a dynasty trade question for you. I have James Conner and was offered Tevin Campbell 2019 1.8 and 2020 1st round pick. What do you think? Is my reasoning wrong? I am intrigued but not sold on the package yet but I think I counter-propose to see what I can squeeze out of him. What do you think of Tevin Campbell, James White, 2019 1.8 and 2020 1st? My roster currently has Kamara, Conner, Aaron Jones, Malcolm Butler and Chris Carson. I see this is as a patch work this season at RB3 but I take in 2 first round picks.

oh just as an FYI my WR core consists of Hopkins, Julio, and AJ Green (traded my 2019 1.11 straight up). I hear next year’s draft will be deep in skilled positions so I thought I would stock up.

Who the hell is Tevin Campbell and Malcolm Butler?

Tevin Coleman, I assume? He’ll be in a time-share with McKinnon in San Francisco… he’ll probably be borderline startable every week unless an injury happens…

Malcolm Butler is a former Patriots cornerback currently signed to the Titans… Do you mean Malcolm Brown? The backup for Gurley? Hakeem Butler? He’s a WR… I’m gonna go with Malcolm Brown… :wink:

With James White, there’s money to be made there but I don’t stand in that line… Patriots RBs are for men with more stones than I…

If you think you could push for a title this year… which by the looks of it, you could… I would keep Conner… if you want to set your team back now for a much better team 2 years in the future… take the bait… for this year, you lose… long term, you win… I don’t view Conner as a back that’s good enough to maintain his depth chart position with actual competition in town, so I wouldn’t view him as a mainstay RB1 for the distant future

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Hahah oh man I took a time machine back to 90s R&B. I’m not sure what I was thinking when typing those names. You make a great point, I was 5pts from winning it all last year (thanks for nothing Aaron Rodgers and his ultimate 50pts game of all weeks). I will have to revisit that next off-season then.

Thanks for the response.