James Conner or Phillip Lindsay - Standard

Feel the Conner train is running out of steam and that he has always been overvalued.

Just got Lindsay in a trade and haven’t paid attention to Jets D.


Is this just for this week? I’d still take Conner over Lindsay this week. At least he’s getting the volume where Lindsay is in a guaranteed timeshare. That and the Falcons defense has been beatable all year with the injuries they’ve had to deal with.

If you’re talking rest of season, give me Lindsay as he’ll still have a role where Conner will be largely irrelevant once Bell is back.

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I agree with @steve_freitas on this. Roll with Conner especially since the oc for the Steelers just came out and said today he needs to do a better job of heating up Conner early in the game by getting him more carries. I feel hes gunna have a good game this week