James Conner or Todd Gurley rest of season

Standard 4pt QB league. 8 teams. I’m hoping to upgrade my WR position and can’t decide between using Conner or Gurley as the value I send in my trade.

What do you think Ballers?

I’d go Conner. He’s carrying the team, and Gurley just hasn’t been that good. If the Rams are out of the playoffs they’ll rest him more for next year, and if they make a push they may rest him for the playoffs, idk.

But Conner is the only reliable in Pit, he’s guaranteed more work, and has a better schedule ROS.

If you can swap Gurley for a WR1 I’d take the shot

Of the two I would keep Conner. He should get more regular usage and is already past his bye.

Thanks! I’m thinking of packaging him with either Edmonds or Ty Johnson and send them to the David Johnson or Kerryon owners for Amari Cooper.

Good point - I forgot about the bye week