James Conner OUT

I have jaylen Samuels in yahoo so I could play him in my TE spot over Gerald Everett…!? Thoughts

Also Melvin Gordon is Q. Would Justin Jackson be a good start even if Melvin is back, did he pass Eckler on depth chart?

I’m in the same situation. Also in a yahoo league so I an play Samuels as a TE over Burton. After Burton goosed me last week, I’m probably going to play Samuels over him. I also have Gordon and if he plays I most likely will play him. That matchup is too juicy to not play him even if he’s not at 100%.

short of funny since last week i was offered my aj and conner for his barkley. And hes on a must win this weel for the playoffs

I need Kerryon to be back also than I can use Samuel in my TE and be good because my other Rb is Dion Lewis
That’s such a good trade for Saquon. Enjoy that!

Samuel in the TE spot is an absolute cheat code. Playing against the Conner owner in my work league, full ppr. I’m 9 on waiver priority and he’s 10. So there’s no way he’s getting him, hoping to steal him off the waivers form other owners. This is why i like the players out of playoffs to not make any roster moves because no one else in the playoffs is TE needy except for the #2 seed who just had Olsen go down. And he has the bye so doesn’t make sense for him to grab a guy that may only start this week.

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This is what I got now.
Also have C.Sutton to flex

And idk I kind of like being able to grab or steal players when not in the playoff for two reasons…one we play for placement and also to not get last place so everyone usually has reason to play still and also I’ve been able to grab players from top seeds in hopes of blocking them and it’s nice

Yeah but in my work league there’s some inexperienced players who i’m sure will just stop paying attention.

Well this sucks.

Conner owner and we don’t have playoffs, but the top four teams in the league are playing each other this week. I’m in first against my biggest competition and he is in match up heaven this week. Conner vs. Oakland was one of the few plus matches that I had this week. No way I am getting Samuels. I can’t even put a claim on him because I dropped him to this waivers cycle to pick up Ware. Either way, I much rather would have had a healthy Conner for this one.

Unless you have that rule in place I think you can reclaim Samuel even if you were last to drop him. I always try to get players back that I dropped right before games start. I’ve dropped Taylor Gabriel and added him like three times

Samuel or Kittle at TE?

I haven’t had a good TE all season so my bias leans on Samuel also he is in my TE spot right now. As a Niner fan I think kittle it great and would be tempted to use him but I think it’s going to be who gets the TD maybe

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