James Conner - Sell high?

After his bye this week, would you consider selling him? And what would you aim to get in return?

Absolutely but who to target is team specific. I don’t like giving up a rb with out getting one back. So I’m a big 2 for 1 trader.

conner + graham/vance for jacobs + waller??

Your not going to get those guys for what your offering.

I prefer Jacobs and Waller over Connor and either TE you are offering.

Even two for one I wouldn’t take those deals.

yeah, im just starting to look, didnt seem like he was getting the value on his side of the trade

jacobs has a great slate of matchups down the road, as does conner. dont really need WR’s but TE is obv low part of my team

I’d be open to upgrading on him, but I’m not actively looking to move Connor tbh. His schedule out of the bye rivals Jacobs’s, and between the way Pittsburgh’s offensive line has played in spite of their QB situation and a stellar bounceback by the defense, Conner might even be undervalued.

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He has a pretty nice ros schedule and he is the offense right now especially with Samuels out, so I wouldn’t get rid of him just to get rid of him but if you can upgrade for maybe a 2 for 1 then yea if still him

RBs: Fournette, Chubb, J. Conner, Ekeler, Singletary, M. Brown, Hunt

Wr: J. Jones, A. Cooper, Woods, A.J. Green.
TE: H. Henry

Obviously not in need of something at the moment, but thinking of flipping Conner or Chubb for either an RB1/WR2 or WR1/rb1/2.


I’d prefer to flip Chubb, but you can still justify flipping Connor for the right price

Interesting. Why would you prefer flipping Chubb over Conner?

Chubb will still be good but his volume may take a hit when Kareem Hunt’s suspension is up. Connor’s a better bet to retain his workload

Yeah, that’s kinda the mind set I’ve had also. But I’m trying to figure out who’d be worth flipping him for and making sure I get enough. Any recommendations?

Trading down from Chubb for someone in the Mack/Coleman tier to upgrade on a WR would be good

Was looking at the owner of K. Johnson and was thinking of possibly offering Chubb for Johnson and Davante Adams. How confident are we in Adams coming back 100%?

Any thoughts on that offer?