James Conner Trade Help

Need some insight on who to get for James Conner. I am trying to get rid of him before Bell comes back during their bye week. I currently have a trade offer:
Give: James Conner and TJ Yeldon
Receive: David Johnson

My thought is Yeldon is going to be big this year cause Fournette seems to always be injured. Any thoughts are helpful!

RBs: Gurley, Yeldon, Conner, Collins, Coleman, Crowell
WRs: OBJ, Thielen, Boyd, Kupp, DJax, Cooper

I seriously dont think you should give up Conner. He will be used inspite of Bell’s return… and I dont think Bell will be staying long with the Steelers. He will be traded out before the deadline

Interesting, it seems that people are split 50/50 on this one.

I’d consider this trade if you could get another decent rb out of it (think like Lynch or Breida type RB). If you’re giving up Conner it doesn’t make sense to give him up for anything less than a stud - because the potential for him to be a season long starter is there. BUT the risk of holding onto Conner is that Bell comes back and is the top dog while Conner takes about 15-20% of the work. We don’t know how it will play out, but this is certainly possible.

That being said, I’d lean towards no probably. Because you have a steep drop off in rb depth after Gurley, Conner, and Yeldon. I also tend to buy into the idea that a trade scenario is very possible for Bell.

It’s risky both ways.

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There are talks that Conner might be the starter for the year and that Bell might be traded or not even play the rest of the year. I don’t know…I am in a pickle.

I’d agree with Toasty… If you are planning to sell Conner… sell high and get a stud WR or RB while you are at it.

I’m only in 2 leagues this year, but have Conner in one. I’m riding him out to see how it plays out.

I would also buy Conner at a discounted rate if I could.

I would strongly consider this trade for sure DJ is a stud you know what you get with him !!!

Yes he will definitely be traded before the deadline. He has to report to the Steelers in order for the trade to happen and that’s why he is reporting after the bye week. If he was really keen on playing with the Steelers, he would have reported last week. If I were you - I would hold on to Conners.

If it was year 2016. Definitely not the same DJ with the current coach

This is true !!!

DJ is more of a back end RB1 / high end RB2 to me this year. The offense and coaching staff are terrible.

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what if it was for CMC or Kareem Hunt?

If I were a CMC or Hunt owner, I wouldnt trade them away… only because they are both reliable starters. Conner is good but his future looms… .Yeldon is good until Fournette is back.

I would do it. yeah its not the same DJ as before hence why this trade is even possible but im in the party where i believe bell will be the guy when he gets back. connor will get work but not enough to be startable. I doubt he’s traded either. any team in contention doesnt have enough cap to make the deal. Id also say it depends a bit on how your team is doing this year. if you are in good shape to make the playoffs, then 100 percent. look at DJs playoff schedule. its very good

is this standard or ppr

I would do it if Im getting DJ in return. No one is going to take on $10 million in cap for half a season with zero gurantee he re signs the following year. Sure the eagles might be able to do it, but they historically dont pay that high for a running back and also have no way to re sign him. There is 0 chance the Eagles would fork over a 2nd round pick, which sounds like the minimum asking price.

When Bell returns in week 8 I think Conner will still have value as Bell gets back into game shape. But week 9 on? Its going to be Bell. Trade Conner for any decent value and this is it.

standard scoring. I am 4-1 in the league right now.

then yeah id do it. KWagen breaks it down exactly how i feel. you’re getting great return for 2 players that could be unstartable in 4-5 weeks. maybe sooner

Even with Fournette being injured all the time?