James conner trade help!

Should I trade james conner for ingram and devin funchess ?
RB : mccafrey, mixon, yeldon, mostert , aaron jones
WR : diggs, keenan allen, edelman, Mike Williams, courtland sutton, keke coutee

personally I am not trading conner. Im riding this wagon till the wheels fall off. Does bell come back week 10? yea more then likely but if the steelers don’t pay him do you really think he will give it 100% in each game? I don’t especially after what happened to Earl Thomas. He will show up to secure his FA. Conner has been the best waiver wire add you can get. might as well stick it out.

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Im leaning that way too but Im scared I dont have enough depth too compete after he bcomes irrelvent (if he becomes irrelevent)

Up to you my man Im just giving my thoughts on the situation. Do what you feel is right for your team.