James Conner Trade Time

So I just got this trade proposed in Non-PPR

I give: Kenyan Drake and Amari Cooper
I get: James Conner and Sammy Watkins

I’m just nervous I can lose Conner any day.


Apologies I misread you. You GET Conner! In that case, I personally would 100% take this in a heartbeat.

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I just know with my luck the second I accept this trade Lev Bell will come back to PIT and Conner will be useless.

I think it’s worth it. Your team isn’t going to fall to pieces even in a worst case scenario like that. That’s like saying your team is toast without Drake right now.

Thus, to me it’s practically all upside for you. I do think Drake will improve, but I don’t see him rivaling what Conner is doing/will be doing ROS at all.

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Obviously there is long term risk with Connor, but I’d take the trade.
Drop a coop-bomb on some one else.

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I agree. This is a: I’m going to win trade. If conner and drake stay in their respective situations, I want conner. I want away from Amari. You are selling low, but Watkins is roughly equivalent.

I think I might try to get a bit more out of the other owner because you are taking all of the risk here. Up to you!

Do you still feel this way seeing the kind of performance Cooper and Conner put up?

I know Cooper is hot and cold but I guess I’m more concerned about Conner’s constant drop in fantasy production from week 1.