James Conner Value in Keeper League?

Hi All! The Footballers have been pushing Conner as a must-trade with Bell’s imminent return but I’m assuming this is NOT the case in a Keeper league. Do you agree?

I’m in a 2-keeper league where you pay $10 (of your $200 auction budget) or 120% of previous draft price, whichever is higher. Conner was a waiver wire pickup so he will be a $10 player and I assume a starting RB for a big offense.

Do you agree he’s super valuable in this format?

I get to keep 1 guy drafted after the 5th round or picked up from waivers. I will save a spot on my roster all season for Conner in order to do it.

I’m in the exact same situation, i’m in a 2 keeper league but my keepers this year were shady and dalvin cook, as you can guess i’m 0-5. I now have Joe Mixon, Sony Michel, Dalvin Cook and James Conner which 2 should i use as keepers? i’m thinking mixon and conner right now

Yeah def keep Conner, he’s the future of the Steelers backfield.
Then its a toss up between Mixon or Sony to keep, but you can make that decision towards the end of the season can’t you?