James Conner Value

Looking for some advice on James Conner.

I want to know how much Value Conner has, was looking to trade him for some RB that had bad weeks and to owners that are on tilt.

Some options are:
Hunt (Owner is looking to trade him)
Collins (Had a alright weak and owners RB are weaker)
Howard (Had an alright week, but feel like i could get the trade done with the owner)
McCaffrey (Not sure about this one, but love C Mac this year)

Not sure if these trades are an option just looking to see how much value Conner has right now.


Ive been wondering the same thing. If i can get Hunt, CMC, or Howard I think i will be happy. Not sure about Collins right now

I’m also trying to test the waters as well. Idk if you could get those guys 1 for 1. I packaged Conner and Coleman for CMC and I’d be very happy if that goes through since I feel like everyone is aware that Conner is a risk.

what about the likes of Fournette after that hammy issue or freeman. Is freeman too low

My WR or Diggs, Robinson, Cooks, Fuller, Cole, Watkins and im thinking of maybe packaging one of them with Conner to get one of the trades to go though. Just not sure what one

I was think him too. And im not a huge fan of Freeman

new one: would you trade connor for Kelce

IDK, i have Engram and i think he just had a bad week. Kelce is a better TE but i feel like i might be able to get a good RB or WR