James Conner

I have James conner and I’m trying to make a trade for another RB that will have solid production all season. Who is a RB I could get for James conner? opinions?

I like James Conner but he is risky. Could you get 8 weeks out of him maybe and I think so! But do you have lev bell? If I was trading Conner I’d aim for someone in the realm of Devonta freeman. But people may be low on hunt… that’s a stretch but it could be gold.

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I wouldnt flip him for anything less than a RB2/WR2 so look in the range of like Alex Collins, Derek Henry, Burkhead, maybe even Drake - target guys you feel you good about season long that had awful week1s. But I think that is the range right about now for Conner. Apparently Shefty mentioned something about Bell being back end of the month begining of October - so keep that into consideration as it may not be true but why would Shefty put it out there?

Shit if you could get Freeman that be great.

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