James Connor + Doug Baldwin for

Want to sell high as I imagine bell will come back soon after seeing that performance. Options I was thinking are Hopkins, Bell, Beckham, or Hilton. Think I am paying too much? Not enough?

not nearly enough for any of the first 3, maybe a go for TY but MCL Sprain for Baldwin makes me think you don’t have a shot for TY either unless all of these owners are really struggling at RB.

Didnt see they had a diagnosis already, ya that’ll hurt the value lol

I wouldn’t assume that.

It’s not the same knee either.

I was talking about the assumption that Conner’s performance means Bell is likely to come back sooner.

Ya I would love to keep him just worried bell might show up tomorrow and I’d lose a lot of value.

At this point what’s to say they don’t just let Bell ride the bench. It will be interesting. I don’t think you could get much for both combined. You might could try and leverage something with the Bell owner.