James Connor for D Henderson/Devantae Parker?

Who wins this trade? Full ppr league

Right now, I’d prefer the Conner side. Hes injury prone and you’ll always be worried what’s round the corner but when he’s healthy he is amongst most reliable rb you’ll find in fantasy.

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Give me conner. He’s the starter, the pass catcher and he’s been running hard. Also, although he may get a TD poached every now and then it means they’re being smart about his utilization. In tough up the middle grind it out plays where the game isn’t on the line they’re bringing in the back up to save wear & tear with conner. Chubb out 6+ weeks, CMC out 6+ weeks, saquon out for the season, Ekeler out for over half the season, Carson can’t stay healthy, Mixon now out multiple weeks, Cook aggravated hamstring, Aaron jones now out multiple weeks with calf strain, drake out multiple weeks. A lot of these injuries have a decent probability of reagravation. I think the new utilization of conner in mainly high efficiency/critical touches is great for the long term. It reminds me of how the saints use kamara.


I agree. The steelers are showing commitment to conner that I didn’t expect, they’d rather have him every week on 65% of the plays than beasting for 9 weeks a season before breaking down. I thought contract year they’d run him into the ground and move on but maybe they still see him as the man in 2021 and want to protect him longer term.


Thanks guys💪🏻