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James Connor Keeper Value


Do you guys think James Conner is worth holding even if Lev Bell comes back bc he will be the starter next year? Do you guys think he will be the Steelers starting RB next year?


As we speak no question about it…Yes he will


He definitely has keeper value. No way PIT pays Bell anything close to what he wants. He’s already basically out the door. Conner def is gonna regress from his wk 1 performance but if it’s not a fluke he’s definitely a keeper.


I’m holding him even if Bell comes back. There is always risk for injury if Bell comes back and Conner is eligible to be my keeper come next year so I will just leave him on the roster and see what happens this year and use him next year. Steelers starting RB is a pretty desirable situation no matter who is back there.


I picked him up in a Keeper League and I am not a Bell owner for this very reason. He is staying on my roster for the rest of the season no matter when Bell comes back