James Connor or Calvin Ridley (Flex) standard

This is my starting roster. Not sure if I should play Connor or Ridley. Both on the same field Sunday but for some reason I feel like Atlanta’s defense will stop the Pittsburgh run game while Matt Ryan could throw all over the Steelers. Need help deciding. Opinions please :fist:t3:

So I have Conner and have been debating as well. I’m coming to the conclusion that he’s tough and good at picking up the blitz…but can’t be counted on for more than that. Maybe it’s game script or maybe he’s just a solid BACK UP rb. The Steelers have been getting behind in games early, not running much (maybe 10-12 carries a game for Conner), and tons of passing.

Pittsburgh’s secondary is no good. I’d take the high upside of Ridley ALL DAY. This game likely will be pass heavy and high scoring. Conner may end up outperforming Ridley…and I’m certainly no fantasy Guru…but I just can’t comprehend why he is so highly ranked each week from the “experts.” His production continues to decline, yet his rankings never reflect that.

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He’s not giving you Lev Bell production, but I think Conner has been completely serviceable this season. In 0.5 ppr he’s had double digits in 3 out of 4 games. He’s not finishing as the #1 overall back, but he’s not killing your team. Especially since he’s a waiver wire pickup or was a very late round draft pick. If you’re relying on him to be your RB1, then I could see why you’d be disappointed but I’d gladly take a guy like him over a guy like Henry who cost you a 3rd/4th rounder.

I would also play him this week over Ridley. Atlanta has been banged up on defense and beatable all season. I feel like you’ll be chasing the points with Ridley, he’s promising but he’s really only on the field like half the team’s snaps.

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I think part of my frustration is related to the high rankings he’s consistently had (top 10 RB). So I guess i’ve allowed that to influence my own expectations of him…which is on me.

Anyway, He’s been highly inefficient over the last 3 games. Averaging 3.03 ypc/ 4.53 yds per touch (over the last 3 games). With 13, 20, and 12 touches over the last game…super mediocre. I am speaking from a standard league perspective though. Conner is in on a lot of snaps…largely for pass protection. Like I said, he may out produce Ridley…but Ridley definitely has the higher upside.

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I did see that Pittsburgh OC said he needs to get Conner more touches…we’ll see. Not bad choices either way.

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I think this week could be one of Conners last big games so you should capitalize on him (or try to sell him). I also read a report today that Steelers plan on giving him more carries to help get the engine revving.

Ridley is TD-dependant… but fortunately, falcons need to get as many TDs as they can and he’s a finisher.

I’d still lean Conner. Think he will be the safer floor play and I think he could go off this week.

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