James Connor Trades --- NEED HELP!

I am the Lev Bell & James Connor owner and trying to figure out what to do with this situation. I have a couple trades I’m considering proposing, but don’t know which I should target and if they can get done. Do I trade or hold? NEED YOUR HELP! 1/2PPR.

A) James Connor for Kareem Hunt

B) Connor + Phillip Lindsey for Alvin Kamara

C) Connor + Lev Bell for Alvin Kamara (too much? cut bait?)

D) Lev Bell + Lindsey + Quincy Enunwa for Ezekiel Elliott + Cooper Kupp

Welcome other considerations…also considering targeting Joe Mixon & David Johnson

QB – Jared Goff
RB – Lamar Miller, James Connor, Lev Bell, Rex Burkhead, M Breida, Kerryon Johnson, P Lindsey, Buck Allen
WR – Michael Thomas, DaVante Adams, Corey Davis, Quincy Enunwa
TE – Trey Burton

The Conner for Hunt straight seems better because at least you’ll still Bell stashed away and with Hunt you have a nice tandem

C) is the only deal I think that has a chance of happening (small chance). No one will take just Conner or just Bell. You have to package them. and even then, there is still so much uncertainty when Bell comes back (i.e. will he fake an injury, play half-assed). If I have Kamara, I’m standing pat on a stress-free, auto-play weekly situation. You may have to aim a bit lower.

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Handicap ‘D’ for me. That might not be the right deal, but is Zeke someone to pursue a trade for Right now? How much value should he hold…compared to the Steelers backs.

Bump for more input.

I don’t feel like most of these trades would be accepted. If you happen to be a keeper league there’s a better chance because conner could be an elite keeper but otherwise it’s tough to see most going through.