James Connor

I personally want to trade James Connor, he terrifies me. Would y’all trade James Connor straight up for Robert Woods half point ppr dynasty league?

I have Chubb, Mixon, Sony, Tevin Coleman at RB & Davante Adams, Allen Robinson, Sterling Shepard and Jerry Jeudy at WR.

Really need some advice here lol. Thanks in advance!

Not straight up, I’d be asking for a little more in return. If you can squeeze a 2nd, or another player out of it, decent return.

That seems like fair-ish value to me, especially if you’re down on Conner, but the flipside is that he has RB1 upside this upcoming year. You’re also going to be without a decent 3rd RB now. I agree with the post above…try to get a little more…but if you can’t and you just don’t want to DEAL with Conner and his injuries, it’s fine trade. You know what you’re getting with Woods. A stabilizing WR2 week-to-week with enough consistency to be a yearlong low-end WR1, with a few good years left.

I appreciate the reply’s. I think that’s the problem is then I don’t have an RB 3, however the James Connor show just isn’t something I wanna deal with I don’t think hahaha.