James or joe mixon

ok guys i have hunt mixon and elliot but also have james connor pick 3 i need help deciding obviously elliot is the #1 but what about the other 2?

That is a tough one. You cant really go wrong, but I would probably say Mixon.

Damn thats a really tough choice.

I think you probably have to start Conner given the O/U on the game and chiefs defense.

Between Mixon and Hunt, I’d say Hunt has the better matchup. Ravens Run D is pretty good but Mixon does catch a lot of passes. I’d have to go with Hunt for the same reasons I went with Conner. Going to be a lot of points going up on this one and more goal line opportunities for both teams.

Couldn’t go wrong with either though. You have an embarrassment of riches at RB. Good problem to have.

same situation with Cook, Howard, Mixon, and Conners - last wk I faded Cook for Conners. Reason being I dont trust Minnesota’s Oline and Cooks coming back from an ACL i wanted to see how he looked + you know Pitt loves to feed their RB volume.

This week im looking at fading Mixon for Conners. Fade Mixon due to Bengals at best average Oline facing the Ravens who have a great front 7, its a divsional rival game with a low total score. Mixon could supplement with Passes but I dont think he finds the endzone. Whereas Conners gets a plus match up against that awful Chiefs D - and the Volume of carries pluse 5-7 receptions is undeniable

Howard is a must start. Seattle Run D is absolutely embarassing and bears are at home.

Conner is a start for the reasons I mentioned above.

So again, it’s down to Mixon and Cook. Neither have great matchups as Packers and Baltimore are both bad matchups. On the bright side, both are home games. I actually really liked what I saw from Cook last week. He is explosive and his cuts are just as good as they were last season before the injury.

Both Mixon and Cook will be involved in the passing game which gives them safe floors but personally, I trust Cousins + Vikings D more than I trust Dalton + Bengals D. Also, assuming rodgers plays, I think it’ll be a pretty close game with decent opportunities for Cook to score. Cook edges it out slightly for me in it but same thing I said above, I couldn’t blame you for wanting to play mixon.

Gotta be Conner, he’s going to see the largest workload of the 3 in what should be a high scoring game. He’s also on a better offense than Mixon. They’ll both be good so I would be looking at upside over floor here.

I would start everyone but Hunt because he’s the only one who’s workload can vary widely game to game. But there’s definitely merit in playing him over Mixon too.

I would go Connor and Hunt personally due to Hunt’s matchup. Overall I think Mixon will be fine this week, but Balt’s def is very solid. They are a defense I prefer to avoid if possible.