James Rob and Hunt for CMC?

I’d be giving Robinson and Hunt for CMC

Would u guys do it? Offer just Robinson?

My other RBs are CEH David Johnson Bell Kelley and Murray

I’m currently 2-1

The CMC team only has Kerryon Moster(hurt) and Jeff Wilson at RB at the moment

Start by offering Robinson.

I think Robinson (workload) and Hunt (talent and opportunity) might be the better side of the deal.

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@fun4willis That’s what I was thinking but the opportunity of having CMC CEH and DJ for the second half seems like too good to pass up haha

A healthy CMC, I agree. But injury can make a good player meh.

Look at Karama last year vs this year. CMC has the same injury, a high ankle sprain.

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@fun4willis If he doesn’t bite on the trade, would you trade away Hunt to try to get a WR? And if so what would you go for?

My only WRs are Evans Hollywood and Crowder

Personally, I’d be trading James Robinson. Capitalize on his current value. One bad week and it’s all gone, without the draft capital.

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@fun4willis With him playing so good would you go for players like ARob/Thielen/MT? Or maybe go after a TE? I’m struggling there the most I could possibly switch the trade for CMC and go for Kelce? Or is that too low to give for Kelce?

I would look at teams which are desperate for RB help and possibly with a losing record. Then see what players they have that would fit into your starting lineup.

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@fun4willis Kelce is on the team missing CMC I was looking at him because I haven’t had much luck with my TEs the only other options he has is Keenan Allen and AJ Brown. I could also go after Waller his team lost Barkley so his only RBs are Taylor McKinnon(hurt) and Henderson