James robinson for kittle?full ppr

Friend isn’t sure he should make that trade.hes giving up Robinson,he has Jacobs,mixon,DeAndre swift,chase Edmunds, tony pollard and AP

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The answer is yes. The answer is a resounding yes.

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Yes, take the money and run.

I can’t imagine an odd league rule that would sway me against Kittle.


Is your friend being offered Kittle for Robinson or is he thinking of offering Robinson for Kittle?

If the trade is being offered to him, it would depend on his WR depth. Jacobs is his RB1 and Mixon as his RB2 (although I would argue Robinson should be his RB2 until proven otherwise) with Robinson as his flex/RB depth player.

If he is thinking of offering Robinson for Kittle, I dont think that will be enough for Kittle, even with his injury. He will probably need to sweeten the deal to pry Kittle away.

Do it immediately.


It is a full ppr,rushing yards get 1.5 points for every 10 rushing.1 point for every 10 receiving.makes no difference then??

He is getting offered kittle for Robinson…his wrs are ridley,woods,allen Robinson,gallup and marvin jones.

Then as Mr. Wind up Bird said “do it immediately.”