James Robinson keeper value?

12 team league, 0.5ppr, we have 3 keepers max per year. Drafted James Robinson in 14th round. Does anyone think he could be a potential keeper for next year? Not sure of his outlook with the team. I would lose a 12th round pick next year.

Bumping up

he’s the lead dog, fournette still caught a lot of passes and did ok last year in PPR, i think he’s a value play for sure in your format.

how do you think he compares for Gibson and Akers and Kelley ROS?

Absolutely could be worth something, his first challenge will be holding his job this year, if he’s the clear lead when Armstead, ozigbo etc. are ready to go then you’ll have a better idea. Might largely depend on their draft next year too, but I think he’s worth the hold for at least half this year in the hopes you’ve hit gold

Robinson is a good option for a keeper, he looks good and JAX is performing above expectations.