James Robinson or David Montgomery ros

Hey guys, I was just offered James Robinson, Justin Jefferson, Robert Tongan and Adrian Peterson (who I might counter for Le’Veon bell) for David Johnson and David Montgomery.

My current running backs are josh Jacobs, Antonio Gibson, chase Edmonds, Montgomery and David Johnson. I’m currently 1-4. I’m thinking about accepting but want to see who you guys thought was better ROS, Montgomery or Robinson. Thanks

What’s the rest of your roster and scoring format? I’d rather have Monty and DJ over Robinson and AP. How does Jefferson and Tonyan fit into your roster and what 2 players will you drop.

Monty and Robinson is a toss up. I’d favor Robinson in standard and Monty in full-PPR

It is a .5 ppr. My wide receivers are Chris Godwin, dj chark, marquis brown, Robert woods and Robbie Anderson. My qbs are cam newton and Big Ben. My tight ends are hockenson and schultz.

I would probably drop Big Ben and Schultz…what do you think? Thanks for the help

I would stay where you are. Robinson, Monty and DJ are all about the same so losing 2 to get 1 doesn’t help you and overall weakens depth at RB. Jefferson will only during bye weeks (Godwin, Woods, & Anderson better imo) and Tonyan isn’t much improvement over Hockenson. AP is a throw away.

You have WR depth just riddled with injuries and probably the guy on your bench goes off.

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Thanks for the help and your dead on analysis. I appreciate it