James Robinson Owner, Dynasty League, do i draft Etienne?

Hey ya’ll… so i’ve got James Robinson in my dynsaty league, single QB… should i use my 1.04 on Etienne in our rookie draft and go for the comittee / handcuff?

Or do i go after Javontae williams and diversify…

I had the same situation I choose to take Etienne. Even though I think Robinson will be the guy going into the season I feel like Etienne is going to fill a Kareem Hunt role and line up as receiver a lot when Robinson is out there and will take the carries when he isn’t whether it’s injury or just taking a series on the sideline.

Seems like you should just draft who you think will play better as most people assuming Robinson is going to be a handcuff. The Robinson owner in our league drafted Etienne over Javonte Williams if you want another data point.