James Washington?

hi guys I need your help
champion ship game and i have Keenan and OBJ…
preparing for the worst

I assume Juju sits with groin injury
in that case is James Washington worth playing over these 3:

Foster at NE
Robby Anderson vs GB
Sutton at OAK

Wishing you all the best!

I just don’t see Washington exploding with juju out. If you really wanna take a chance I’d look at Eli Rodgers. Ben trust him and he is great in the slot

Would u consider him over foster, anderson or sutton?

I lke anderson better than the other guys…
Hes been the n1 target for darnold this past weeks

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Yeah he really safed my butt in semi without keenan and obj

But have a hard time trusting him again

I think Washington if JuJu sits is about the same as Foster. I can’t see a ton of targets (probably less than 5) so you are just hoping that he gets a long touchdown. Washington is a solid deep threat guy and Ben won’t hesitate to take a shot or two to him.

Foster I just worry if he has a bad game his score will barely be a blip on the radar but he clearly has established himself as Allen’s go to.

Sutton, even against Oakland seems a bit risky. Keenum seems to favor Patrick as his main option.

I like Anderson this week but honestly he’s still a boom-bust type guy.

I lean Anderson here but not by much. Him or Foster have the best potential to get you 20 but they could also get you 5.


Juju says he’s playing. That’s him though. So not sure how official it is. Says he doesn’t want to let the ff players down. lol

Awesome guy!

Guess i will go with keenan and the robby anderson train in the championship game
There have been better times