James White and Jeremy Hill

Nobody is talking about these guys (I havent listened to today or yesterdays podcast yet so I could be making an ass of myself lol). I know theyre Patriots backs but Gillislee turned out to be an actual pile of trash. Sony Michel is not only coming off a knee surgery which has cost him most of camp, but also had issues with fumbles while he was in camp. Now its been revealed that Burkhead has a minor tear in his knee that hes just going to play through… color me skeptical but I dont see him playing more than 8-10 games just like last season. He was a late round, high upside, flex pick for me but his ADP has been rising to a spot that Im now not going to take him, especially with the knee… Hill has looked very good on the ground so far in preseason against the starters… James White has also been a beast and is, imo, THE Pats back to own… but there isnt a realistic scenario where he completely takes over which means touches need to go somewhere… Im not saying take Hill in single digit rounds… but he could be worth a late round filler if you get shafted on RBs early. Just my opinion

As always, The Patriots are a bit of a crap shoot when it comes to prediction fantasy relevance. Any one of their RB could emerge on any give week. Hell, look at Webb, scoring 2 TDs and 2 conversions in the 4th quarter of preseason 1.

They typically ride the hot hand at the RB position. And they are loaded. Both White and Hill could be fine final round fliers, especially if they blow up one week and could be made into trade bait. But my confidence is low on them being reliably consistent