James White for Golden Tate

What you all think of this trade… Ill acquire White and give up Tate. Thoughts?

QB: P. Rivers
WR: J. Jones
WR: J. Edelman
RB: J. Mixon
TE: C. Brate
FLEX: P. Lindsay

BN: B. Mayfield
BN: A. Jones
BN: G. Tate (Bye)
BN: K. Golladay (Bye)
BN: T. Burton
BN: M. Davis

I think definitely do that. White is a stud and going to have a great rest of the year, I think you would rather have Golladay than Tate maybe too.

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Yea - I hate to have 2 WRs from the same team. Both are good, but Id rather have Golladay than Tate… and trying to sell Tate as quickly as I can…

Shamelessly bumping this thread to get more responses from clans… :slight_smile: