James White, Matt breida, or Alfred Morris? Thanks guys!

I have the first waiver pickup and McKinnon is done. Full PPR League

Morris. I’d try to get him and Breida, but Morris is the better bet of the two.

Full PPR Brieda would have more value… James White too… Alf has stone hands

I grabbed Breida in my PPR league. He didn’t show much catching last year but we know Morris doesn’t catch the ball

I have white and breida.

Morris > White >>> Breida.

Breida’s 5’9 200 (generously). Had 36 targets in 16 games (2.5/game). Carlos Hyde (poor receiver) had 88 in 16 games (5.5/game). Kyle Juzczyk has averaged 49 targets over the past 3 seasons and over his last 4 games w/ Jimmy G averaged 4.25 targets/game. 16 game pace of 68 targets.

He was also near the league lead in drops by an RB (tied for 2nd if memory serves) despite the low target numbers. Coleman is a plus receiver and 10 lbs heavier. Not seeing a parallel here aside from trying to force a player into a pre-existing role in a coaches old offense.

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I picked up White. Pats WR corp is a mess right now. They are going to lean on White early on until things calm the hell down.

Breida had a bunch of chances to fly pass Hyde last year. Could not do it. Granted, he should improve but I don’t see him doing better in that offense. JG laid off RB throwing when he showed up. Carlos got put on ice.

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