James White or Gus Edwards

Which one would you prefer in a .5 ppr dynasty?

Right now, because Bal cut Collins, I prefer Edwards. However, I expect Bal to make a splash in FA or the draft; so, if they do, and the splash is big enough, I lean White.

I prefer White.

I prefer White because I dont believe Michel’s knee will hold up. Even if it does, White has his 3rd down role and has a chance to give you decent RB2-3 numbers each week.

The Ravens have shown no loyalty to RBs or WRs for years. Even if Gus is the starter in 2019, there is no expectation of long term use, in my opinion.

Games Started
2018: Collins - 10 games / Edwards - 6 games
2017: Collins - 12 games / West - 4 games
2016: West - 13 games / Forsett - 3 games
2015: Forsett - 10 games / Allen - 6 games
2014: Forsett - 14 games / Pierce - 2 games
2013: Ray Rice - 15 games / Pierce - 1 games


The only RB they’ve shown any kind of loyalty to is Kenneth Dixon. For some goddamn reason, they continue to keep him around through all his injuries and set backs. He’s finally completely healthy and was given opportunities at the end of last year…I believe they have kept him around this long because they want to feature him. Either they really believe in this kid or they’re a complete disaster of an organization and have no idea what they’re doing with that backfield.

Dixon is dirt cheap.

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Cheap or not, he’s taking a roster spot. For a team who made the playoffs and could’ve used help at other positions, to keep a guy around who has been hurt since day 1 (three years ago), it shows some kind of belief in what he can bring to the table. Gus didn’t do much outside of that one game he went bananas. Maybe the Ravens do bring in someone else at RB, but Dixon will likely be the dude if the Ravens stand pat with their backfield.

But that’s off topic. So back to the OP’s original question…White has more value both as a handcuff and as an independent RB

Hadn’t really considered White’s value as a handcuff, just a a pass catcher. I’m hesitant to trust anyone from NE, but Gus does seem to have a severely limited amount of upside.

Thanks for the input everyone.