James White Outperforming Hunt

Look, I know this can’t continue but technically, he’s ahead of Hunt in PPR going into week 7. Neither have been hurt or on bye.

That is some amazing value for anyone that picked him up late. Thing is, he is still viable. Nothing is saying he can’t get 7-10 touches a game either air/ground combined. Last week, Brady threw two deep passes to him, one in the endzone.

Lb or lb he is probably the best value player that was not a rookie picked up.

He’s def valuable. Especially in PPR formats mroe so. I think 7-10 touches a game is very reasonable but I think his point output is closer to the 8-12 range and upside of 18 or so when he gets a TD. These 25pt+ performances are going to be hard to come by with patriots offense at full steam. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if we don’t see another 25pt+ performance for the rest of the season.

I already sold all my james white shares and got high end RB2 / low RB1 value for him and am very happy with my decision.

I’d say that Conner was a more valuable non-rookie pick up though. Most people got him in waivers or like rounds 15-16 of the draft.

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