James white owners

This guy has been the fantasy sleeper of the year. Does not seem to have bad weeks. Even when sony comes back cant see him dropping too much in value. Ride him out or sell high ?

I’m in the same boat. TD machine and he’s been my auto flex start but I’m wondering if I package him for an upgrade

James White is an Asshole!

But as far as his value goes, if i was his owner i would think about selling high.
Patterson has gone off in the last two weeks. Same thing happened last year and they ran a 3 back system, making it hard to play NE backs.

Awh… Nope. Keep White. Especially so in any ppr format. He’s top 10 scoring of all fantasy players in ppr.

White is an auto-start RB1 and a ppr monster as mentioned above. Only downside right now is that he still has a bye week coming.

I would either keep him or get someone who can get equal production but has already had their bye.

Sell high for what? I don’t understand this mindset of trading valuable assets.

I’m guessing that you have other positions you could upgrade…?

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I agree with this 100%.
Would you trade Tyreek Hill for Julio straight up? I’m the Hill owner. Helps me skip a bye week during a playoff run.