James white’s value

My dude is sitting here getting mad points week after week. Lol what kinda WR do you think I can get for a WR and him together. Or am I good with what I got?

I have Adam Thielen, Davante Adams, Amari cooper, ty Hilton, Tyler Boyd, Corey Davis and Quincy Enunwa

My RBs are Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon, Jordan Howard, Royce Freeman and James white

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Help please footclan lol

What kinda league is this? You are stacked, so it’s hard to gauge

1/2 ppr league

I would keep White, he is going to be a fantasy beast this season…

But if you do trade him, I believe you could package White/Cooper for any WR you wanted, or White/Hilton for any WR you wanted…

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I’m still of the belief that this is white’s ceiling cause Michel is a more than capable back and i do think he eventually eats into those targets a bit as well as Burkhead once he returns. I’m selling James white after the KC game anywhere I have him.

This is an over exaggeration. You probably still can’t get any of the top elite guys. I’d actually keep hilton. Luck is looking pretty good and I’m willing to invest in that.

If you can package White + Cooper and try and buy low on Keenan Allen or something I’d do that pretty quickly. As a Keenan Allen owner, i would turn that down but you never know with all this hype.

Hill, Adams, Diggs, Thielen, Cooks. All other candidates worth the trade. Hell I’ve seen people sell OBJ for cheap too. I’d just throw it out to everyone and see what sticks.

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your team is not in need of a change, so i wouldn’t force anything, but you can be opportunistic and look for something that 100% will benefit you without risking your core line up.

I would think about packaging White with one of the WR’s other than Thielen/Adams, or a package with Howard/Freeman, to see if you can land a higher upside/volume-assured player. preferably an RB, but only if you have a flex spot in your league.

i say RB bc you have a pretty steep drop off from your top 2 to the rest. so on byes or if anything else happens to those top 2, a definitively comparable replacement would help your team look the same. more than with your WR’s.

maybe you could go after Bell if the owner is struggling and needs immediate results to stay in playoff contention. at WR, if you whoever owns Julio, for instance, needs RB’s badly and is not getting TD production elsewhere from his team, i’m sure you could land him using white and howard or white and maybe Hilton/Cooper/Boyd. Landry could be a good target too, and a cheaper one at that.

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I think you’re good with what you’ve got.


I’m a White owner. No way this continues. Sony will start running better, Edelman returning. Field will get shorter and shorter. Things will go back to normal of not knowing what games he will go off in or what games he will be a decoy like some have stated would go down.

Meh…fun while it lasted. I think I will have to drop him in a couple of weeks when the party is officially over.

I agree that I’d rather have Sony over James White. Not so sure I agree that White is going to fall off a cliff. His role is pretty well defined & I think he’ll remain just as relevant as other pass catching backs that don’t get the carries (Dion Lewis or Chris Thompson).

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agree. what he did last night is basically what you can expect is his upside all season. the only difference right now imo is his floor is a lot higher than with Burkhead around. when they have the full RBBC going, his floor drops by like 50%.

I forgot about Burkead. White’s floor is higher. Just his ceiling is lower with Sony coming along and Edelman back. That 30 pt game is likely not going to happen again but 10-20, sure. I could see that every week from here on out and finishing as a top 10.

So you went from possibly dropping him in a few weeks to perhaps a top 10 finish, what was the reason for the change in trajectory?

I think Sony is already running pretty damn well. 2 back to back 100 yard + TD games. Actually should’ve had 2 TDs on the night but the refs missed the call on that second goal line rush and Bill didn’t challenge cause the game wasn’t even close and they were just going to get it in there anyway. The key is sony will get more involvement in the pass game as the season goes on and if burkhead returns, it will be the burkhead/sony show like last year with lewis/burkhead. James white typically fades later into the season and then re-emerges in the playoffs. As a pats fan, it’s always been a bit mind boggling to me that james white gets so much work. Michel can pretty much do the same thing, they just need to get him more involved.

I don’t see a world where white finishes as top 10 running back. I guess its possible but not very likely. He got what he did from 14 targets. With edelman back, hogan more involved, gronk more involved, gordon more involved and Michel will get more involved. James white got 2 carries last night for zero yards. His output is not sustainable and he’s not going to get you a TD every week.

For me, I’d test the water on one of the elite receivers to see what it would take. If it’s not realistic, I’d be perfectly happy packaging James White and Cooper/Boyd/Davis for someone like Landry (solid string of match-ups coming after the Ravens), Cooks, Allen, Juju. I would say Diggs too, but you already have Thielen. I’d sell White though, last night was probably a ceiling game for him.

This is a very realistic trade scenario and I would do it in a heart beat. Except i wouldn’t want to give up Davis if it can be avoided.

He would have to get 12.65 fp a game to hit the top 10 mark of last year from here on out. Likely a stretch but not by much. I don’t seem him having completely dud games in this system as is. He could do it.

Thanks for all the input guys! The only down side is the team with Keenan Allen and Jarvis Landry quit playing. He tilted after losing week one and just gave up on his team. So all the players are in purgatory :confused:

This is a buddies team that’s struggling a bit at the running back spot think I can get juju or finesse cmac lol


I don’t know your league obv but if your friends are smart at all, CMC is most likely out of reach. Doesn’t really make sense to give up CMC for a james white when CMC does everything white does but better. Not to mention he has like no depth at RB. You should be targeting WRs. I wouldn’t even aim as high as JJS. You can try by all means but his price is extremely high right now.

I would target will fuller and Alshon Jeffrey. I prefer Fuller myself. People are worried about his injury and what not but when fuller plays, he’s a WR1. We can’t just make the “he will regress” argument anymore. Watson loves him and even with Watson regressing, fuller has not. And it makes sense cause he consistently sees 2nd tier coverage as an extremely talented WR with 4.3 speed. And they are using him in the short/intermediate game now instead of just long bombs which actually gives him a decent floor. And he would be a very realistic target you can acquire right now for cheap.

If someone offered me fuller for white right now, i’d jump on that like white on rice.

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