James White Week 1

I think he is being heavily under valued week 1. The backfield is messy. If he gets one TD he’s in double digits for sure. Right now starting Carlos Hyde but I don’t like that rain game. He should have some decent inside runs but getting to the GL, on that mud pit…meh, I don’t see him getting many opportunities. White is also the team captain for a reason. They trust him to get the job done.

Going with Carlos but I have a bad feeling I will regret it.

Especially this early in the season, I find it hard to argue against using a starting RB, no matter the team. Hyde feels like he has just as good a chance of getting into the end zone as White to me

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if its ppr i would go white. if standard hyde . but i am with you on white i think he is going to have a good day tmrw

i like James White and he will have a big week IF he gets a TD. The only thing i dont like is the Pats like to put Burkhead in when there in the redzone, so he might steal the TDs from White. But I would agree, if its PPR 100% White, non-PPR Hyde.


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