Jamieson Crowder start?

Would anyone start Jamieson Crowder tonight. Im kind of scrapping the barrel but my other option is TEE higgins

i added higgins this week myself, but i’m in a wait and see mode with him. i don’t trust the jets offense whatsoever (im a diehard jets fan) nor do i trust he’s 100% healthy, but Sam loves the slot. just afraid the offense gets absolutely nothing going at all and he reaggravates the injury

Yep thats why im nervous to start him. but I dont consider Higgins to be a much better option at least at this point. but Higgins plays JAX so good matchup and gase is coaching for his job so I wouldn’t be surprised if the Jets actually looked okay ish tonight. and crowder would be a large part of it

Looking like it. Was going to pick up Berrios too :pensive: