January Startup DEEP Dynasty on Sleeper $100 Buy-In

Hey guys! I did one of these last year and it was a super fun way to keep the fantasy season going. I still have a few spots left. We will start the slow draft as soon as everyone is in and paid up! Please reply or message me if interested!

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Bump. 4 spots left.

I’ve never been in a league with that many flex spots before. Very fascinating. A few quick questions:

How did you end up faring in this league last year (if you don’t mind me asking)?

Are all of the flex spots (WR/RB/TE)?

For the slow draft, do you plan on stopping the draft timer overnight?

Hey man. This’ll be my 3rd dynasty league. I just wanted to experiment with one that’s super deep. I’ve never done one with this many flex spots, but the consensus is that it makes the teams with more depth stand out. And it’s less likely that you win or lose based on one stud performance.

This is a startup, but I finished 3rd & 7th in my other 2 dynasties.

Yes all 5 flexes are WR/RB/TE.

No I won’t pause it. When I’ve done this before, it was never an issue. Besides, I turn off auto-drafting.

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Thanks for the information. In my first question, I meant to say in this type of league. My apologies for the unclear question

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Gotcha, all good! Lemme know if you’re interested. I plan to fill this quickly.

I am interested and have a friend who may want in as well.

Awesome! Sent you a private message.

Are there still spots available? If so, it sounds like fun to me.

Yes sir! 2 spots left. I’ll PM the details.