Jared Cook or Jordan Reed

I picked up cook since it was Reed’s bye week but i see now how valuable he could be. He could potentially be a top TE for the rest of the season. I could roster both or trade one away, what should I do?

If you can trade away cook for something, I’d do that. Browns have always been bad at defending vs the TE.

I’d rather have Reed until he gets injured, at which point I will stream.

Do you have real streaming options @isayuh ? Or is there nothing left in the event that whoever you keep goes to IR ROS?

Only streaming options would be Vance Mcdonald, Austin Hooper, Benjamin Watson, Charles Clay, Jake Butt. Those are the top ones right now. I could hold onto both @falcones404 @MikeMeUpp

Jake Butt is IR

Jake Butt is out for the season so that’s not an option.

McDonald looks decent but so many weapons on that offense. Watson should be good but been inconsistent. Hooper sucks. Clay and bills suck.

If it’s that barren, i guess you could roster both. I still stick with what I said though and think if you get a sweet deal where you give cook for a nice wr/rb, i’d stll do it. This is who cook is. Has a couple blow up games and sucks everywhere else.

I would assume what you have seen so far is what you will get with Cook ROS: inconsistent play with a high ceiling and, relative to the non-elite TE’s, a high floor. I’d keep Cook and try to trade Reed before he gets injured again. If you can sell high on Cook and keep Reed until he gets injured, I wouldn’t blame you for that, either.