Jared Goff and what to do(last piece of my puzzle)

Hi Footclan,

Iam now after a wild off season coming to my last piece of the puzzle. I traded allot this off season to what is imo win now and in the future mode. I have a young team with superstars and also alot of talent.

My starters are:

Qb: Baker
RB: kamara
Wr: Brown
Wr: keenan Allen
TE: Engram
Flex: Diggs
Flex: Chubb

Bench: Goff, a.jones,Gesicki, coutee, D.parker, collins,foreman,Ballage.

Also have pick 14, 18.

After the draft my league goes from 21 to 25 spots. I feel like i need one more reliable bench player. Or a higher draft pick.

So my last piece is Jared goff. I feel like baker can do the job and as safety i can pick up a random Qb from the waiver or draft kyler murray.

So what is the value of goff and what can i get for him. Is a 1.9 realistic or maybe a mike williams as a handcuff for keenan allen.

Or should i keep goff?

Thanks in advance.

That team is stacked! You’re def in a good position when it comes to the direction you can go for depth purposes. I take it this isn’t a SF league, right? If not, Goff certainly becomes expendable. Mike Williams is a great add. Perhaps you could get a pick on top of that?


No it isnt a sf league. The way i set my starters is how the league is ser up. Also we have a kicker and 3 def players. But their irrelevant to put in imo.

Yeah i know the owner of mike williams has a interest in goff. I dont prefer 2 wr from one team. But it could be a exception. He btw also has Hunt if i could get hunt with this trade i have the complete backfield of the browns. But i dont think thats possible, might need to add some picks.

How ever if i added hunt or williams buy weeks are gonna be tough. He also had dj moore.

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My advice is always take the value in offseason trades regardless of position and/or multiple players from the same team. There is a lot of time before the 2019 season starts, you will be in plenty more trade talks between now and then. Dont pass up on value just because players are on the same team or you dont “need” them as part of your starting roster.


You are so right. But my starting players are great. My bench is a little bit sketchy. I hope that i can get one flexable bench player for goff so that Bye weeks are going by smoothly

Update!! So i just traded. I got Kareem hunt and DJ moore for Goff and A.jones.

I think moore has the potential the be a wr2 this year. So replacement for jones untill week 8. Hunt as a safety valve for chubb. But hopelfully he gets traded and have 2 upgrades for Jones. What you guys think?

I like what you’ve done - obviously Hunt only has a contract for 2019 with the browns so could easily be somewhere else next season and be a stud. I like DJ Moore - he got 55 receptions last year which can only go up now Funchess has gone.

You haven’t said what QBs are out there on the waiver wire but as a by week fill in you should be good.


Not sure who is an the waiver. We cant dont do waivers untill after the draft. But most of the time people drop QB. Iam also thinking about drafting kyler murray if he is still available at 14. But thanks for the comment