Jared Goff for John Brown?

I am 0-4 I need to make some trades. I have Matt Ryan starting this week and Lamar Miller at flex. I think John Brown would be a better flex play. Would Goff for Brown be a good trade?

Gotta do what you gotta do. Might be able to find a different owner struggling at qb for a better option though

Does Goff have higher value than that?

Based on a teams need he could. For Brown isn’t bad but could possibly get more

How about Goff for Marvin Jones Jr and Kirk Cousins?

I’d go for it, if not take the Brown trade. 0-4 gotta manufacture those wins

if QB’s are starting to get thin in your league, it might be prudent to hang on to Goff to find a very desperate team and get better than Brown for him. Goff and RYan may end up the #1 and #2 QB’s at the end of the season after all. It’s non a bad move to get Brown. But it may be wasting some of Goff’s future value.

Every team in my league seems to be set with a QB. There is like one or two teams that might be willing to trade for Goff. It’s a tough league. The only offer I got so far was MJJ and Kirk for Goff.

oh yeah, i don’t think goff will attain that potential value for a few weeks when people start feeling an urgent need to upgrade at qb. everyone seems like they might have a good season at this point still. need a bit more time to separate the good from the bad at QB.