Jared Goff or Jimmy Gorapalo

Standard 8 person league and need advice. I’m leaning towards jimmy but Goff has had some really good offensive improvements.

Is this a 2QB league?

It is. I’m going to try and get both but I can’t decide which to draft first since the other could be taken

It is an 8 team league, the talent at QB will be crazy deep. If you need to get one of them, wait until one is drafted and take the other one.

That’s a good idea but I want to be the one taking Goff or jimmy first. I know the qb talent is deep so I’m going to hold off for about 5-8 rounds

There is no way, these should be your 1st QBs off the board in an 8 man 2 QB league. Especially if this is redraft. In an 8 team league, positional advantages are pretty important so value of the elite QBs goes up quite a bit for me. I would not feel good having either Jimmy G or Goff as my QB1. I would feel even worse if I had both of them.

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