Jaron Brown or Michael Crabtree?

Jaron Brown’s upside continuing all of that attention from Palmer? Or Crab man coming off that chest injury in a tough matchup with EJ Manuel attempting to get him the ball… when I type this out it sounds easier than I think it is

I’d go with Brown. I want to see if for at least a game from Crabs w/ Manuel.

Agreed. Thanks for the reassurance

I also genuinely think Brown is a good player, who could be usable going forward.


I agree with that as well. The other Brown being healthy limits the upside
a bit but with that sickle cell trait and all he is rarely 100%. Gotta love
having a receiver with a solid repore with his quarterback. Definitely will
use Jaron


I want to throw a curve ball at you two, D. Adams or Jaron Brown for my flex play?

Adams cleared the concussion protocol and is listed as playing.

Full point PPR

Well GB is notorious for being very careful with their personnel after injury. Despite him traveling with the team, I don’t think the roll of Adams will be fantasy friendly. I’m sitting him this week anyways. Full point PPR I think Jaron is a great play with the amount of targets he’s been seeing.

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Thanks for the GB insight. Sounds like Davante needs a week long rest on the Fort Lauderdale Flamingos bench :sunglasses:

Hahaha he very well could. Man but at the same time… would he travel
with the team and rush to get out of the protocol if they weren’t going to
use him? Man now I’m thinking about it…

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@Cozyyyyy Now I’m thinking about it. Hahaha. I think I’ll stick with my initial instinct and that was Jaron. I hope Adams takes it easy so I don’t feel bad after. My matchup is close this week

Yeah I can’t blame you for staying that way it feels safer. Well best of
luck to you this week!

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Same to you brother. #footclanfeels

I’m having the same debate, though I’ll add Shepard or Jaron Brown?

So it’s between Sterling and Jaron for you? Like we said we both like the upside of the targets Jaron is getting and the absolute need for the Cardinals to throw the football. Hard to not like a guy that has out targeted Larry Fitzgerald in the last three weeks with a quarterback who is second in passing yards behind Tom Brady.