Jarred cook.. Legit or fluke?

Didn’t get to watch the game… So not sure if his points were legit dominant or just some fluke plays…

But he seems like a must add unless you have gronk right?

Gotta decide between cook and kittle on who I want to pick up

I thought he looked pretty good. Highly targeted, but also got more attention I think because who they were playing. Im still looking to pick him up, but I dont expect it every week.

Would you pick him up over kittle?

I didnt see Kittle play this week yet, hopefully someone smarter than me saw it :slight_smile:

Kittle looked good, but so did Cook. it’s a tough call for me as I think they are similiar guys. Carr targeted Cook a ton last night though and I know it’s 1 week and Cook has been known to disappear, but that’s a nice start to the year.