Jarvis Landry dropped

Hey - someone dropped Jarvis Landry in a 10 team league. Is he worth picking up off waivers or is Miami a dumpster fire?

If so - what % of FAB is he worth? I’ve got $35/100 left

WRs are Jordy, Cooper, John Brown, Maclin, Martav Bryant

I think he is worth picking up. He doesn’t have a bye week. I would spend 20 to 30. I know that is most of your FAB but Jordy is a little banged up, Cooper isn’t playing well, and the production from Maclin, Brown, and Bryant is a toss up. I know Landry’s production could be a toss up but I still think he is worth it.

I would pick him up.

never done FA FAB, so no help there from me. but he’s a good player

If you are a PPR league then he is definitely worth the pickup. I would look to spend about 25 FAB. He sees around 10 targets a game and has some upcoming favorable matchups.

Standard scoring

I’ll likely throw a bid at him later today - thanks all