Jarvis Landry for Kareem Hunt

I made this trade right before the deadline. My roster is as follows:

QB: Jared Goff, Alex Smith
RB: Alvin Kamara, LeVeon Bell, Lamar Miller
WR: Baldwin, Michael Thomas, Golden Tate, Jarvis Landry, Marqise Lee
TE: Zach Ertz, ASJ
D/ST: Seahawks, Lions
K: Legatron

How do you feel about the trade? Also, who do I put in my FLEX? I’ve got Lamar in right now. Between him and Jarvis.

If it’s PPR you made a smart move, just cause Kareem and the Chiefs are all going to implode more and more. Landry is a top 5 WR if it’s PPR, if it’s half or standard I would go Lamar.

It’s PPR. So Landry at the Flex?

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This is already a good move considering your depth at RB and the fact that it is PPR made it even better. Would have loved for your to package 2 WR for an upgrade to a big name (possibly Julio before his huge game) but still you have a solid team.

I would go Landry over Miller in Flex.

Yeah definitely Landry as the flex. I have him as well and regardless of how bad Miami is he’s their go to player and the guy is talented. Just if anything don’t watch the game lol