Jarvis landry. Im done

Fool me 5 times. Shame on you. Fool me for 3 for 30 when baker throws 4 td’s. Ur dead to me

What happened?

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Baker happened. Jarvis and baker never on same page for the wholw year excluded a couple of games I believe. most people bench landry depending if they have a better replacement.

I don’t get how someone that talented can not even be involved

It is sorry I agree. He is in the top 6 in WR pay or was at the time. Likely an attitude thing. He is best friends with Odell so that says a lot. Baker probably just does not like the guy.

I think it’s a lot simpler than that. I think it will be better next year when they both get a camp behind them on first team. Also, if Baker is any sort of leader then it will happen in the off season programs when he reaches out to Landry and tries to build some rapport.

Everyone including the Footballers said in pre season that there were too many weapons to go around and the Browns didn’t pass the ball enough to sustain Landry at where he was being drafted. Things have changed some since then but Baker being at QB while Landry took reps with Tyrod and the first team throughout camp and the early season is likely the issue. Baker is just more comfortable throwing to Callaway, NJoku, Chubb, Higgins, Duke and other guys that he might have practiced with more on the 2nd team early in the season.

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I’m glad I cashed out on Landry when I did, the trends where there and this just isn’t the season for him. I agree with some of the above points and I think It could get better next year with camp time and off season work from both Landry and Baker to work on their chemistry. Even if they don’t get on hopefully one or both of them will realise that neither of them are going anywhere anytime soon given then capital invested (money and draft price) and clear talent they both posses they need to make it work.

The concern I have really is that with the run game being good in Cleveland and they have a solid O line in place for several years, youth at RB in place for years now and more importantly for Landry there is no dominate outside WR1 there right now which can open up the field for him underneath where he excels. That being said Baker and the OC seem to like to spread it around and it works so there isn’t a reason to change that or a need to have a 12-15 target a game WR1 and then use Landry as possession/chain moving PPR machine, the emergence or Njoku (albeit sputtering) isn’t going to help either.

The fact of the matter for me is that this season it’s flashed but really isn’t going to happen, he won’t be used how he was in Miami again so he needs to find a way in the offseason and camp for him to fit in the offense and work with his 4-7 targets per game which I think is where he will be in this offense now. There will be a tidal wave of articles and takes on Landry riddled with troupes in the offseason, especially as we get closer to draft season he will be widely debated. My early take and depending on what they do in terms of the draft and free agency I don’t see Landry as more than a low end WR2/high end WR3 in standard and a middling WR2 in half/full PPR leagues for the foreseeable future. Redraft next year I would view him as such unless they have a major shift in offensive approach in the offseason/preseason and in dynasty leagues he will be a hotly debated trade candidate in regards to value as I’m sure a lot of owner will be looking to sell.

Sorry for the long post but I along with many others really bought into Landry especially in that ‘juicy’ run of games for him where he was a major buy candidate and I got him for that and benched/traded him before the end of it sorely disappointed in how he ended up. I would also add, given his attuite at times if he goes down the route of ‘it’s not me it’s the QB/OC/Team’ approach in the offseason and starts doing an OBJ and talking this is a situation that could spiral and he’ll be a massive red flag next year too given the new Browns minimal nonsense approach to players and coaches it seems.


@james89 I think we discussed dropping him weeks ago. I still can’t get myself to doing it. Although, Calloway is on waivers so I’m debating dropping him and picking up Calloway. Let someone else worry about the “oh maybe this is the game he comes back” and get 3 points.

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@Marencophoto Yeah i think we did, he is a tough guy to drop or he was at the time - still gets targets etc but he hasn’t done anything to warrant a roster spot since then.

I’d look at it like if he was just listed as ‘Player A’ with his recent stats vs those matchups and stats of players around him would you think twice about cutting him? I wouldn’t, the name is the only thing that gives you pause and he would be a good landmine i agree. Someone will likely scoop him up right away but they’ll either get a dud and bench him or just hold him on the bench. Not 100% sold on Callaway, he’s been very inconsistent as well. Who else is available / what’s your biggest team need?

Yeah I think I’m gonna make a WR move and landmine Landry. Maybe I’ll do a combo landmine and throw Jordan Howard out there too. Although I’ve changed my perspective about him and am holding him as a handcuff for Cohen.

If my team needs anything it might be WR help.
Currently, my team is:

T. Boyd
Jordan Howard
Shady McCoy
Nick Chubb
NE Defense(although I think i will stream KC if I can grab them)
Badley( as we discussed in your other thread)
And I don’t normally do this but I have Dak as a backup QB.

WRs on waivers are: Stiils, R. Cobb, M. Ateman, D. Moncrief, Josh Reynolds, T. Gabriel, torry Smith, David Moore, Anotonio Callaway.

The only WR that I be interested in wold be Josh Reynolds or Calloway…and probably David Moore.

This is the league that I complain about that people stash defenses and 5 million QBs

I like that lineup overall and don’t mind stashing another QB with decent playoff matchups if anything happens to Mahomes plus as you say based on your league’s rostering habits probably a wise move - know your league is key after all!

As for Landry i wouldn’t mind a high upside guy like Reynolds over him to be honest, someone you can put in as a swing for the fences play and has the same floor or likely higher most weeks. Let someone else deal with Landry now.

Howard I think as he has NYG next week and SF week 16 he’s worth a hold as long as you can hold him and could be useable in those games - if not for you then someone else. I’m a lot more wary about dropping RBs that get meaningful touches even if they are largely unproductive.
Imagine the nightmare if you got to the championship game and lost to Howard in someone’s flex going for say 70-2 against a SF team…

Oh man you just made me throw up in my mouth- alright, Howard definitely and defiantly stays. You are so right- if let’s say Fournette is suspended for this upcoming game I would probably play Howard, Chubb and Mixon.

Yeah, thanks for giving me the support! I’m making the Reynolds move and dumping Landry.

Haha you are welcome and it wont be the first or last time someone loses to a player they dropped and then they go off in the right matchup! Plus yes Fournette could see a suspension, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t got to keep that RB depth man!

Good move i think for you ROS and good luck!