Jarvis Landry or TY Hilton?

I have Jarvis Landry and TY is on the waiver wire and I can pick him up. Should I??

Yes. Is Jarvis Landry your worst WR?

I have golladay, Gordon, Landry, Ridley, and I just picked up amari cooper

Drop Ridley asap and grab TY. How on earth is he on the waiver wire??

I think he was there from when he was injured.
You think I should drop Ridley over cooper?

Wow he only missed a week lol, but yeah Ridley is the drop. TY is a WR1 get him on your roster asap before someone else notices.

Ridley 100%. Ridley isn’t getting the targets or yards to be that useful and Cooper could be a good wait and see or sell high guy. You wont be starting either over TY, Landry or Gordon. personally I’d drop Ridley by a wide margin.

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Is this an elementary league? How in the world is TY on the waiver wire??

The team has Julio, theilin, and juju and some other receivers I can’t remember and they haven’t started ty at all I don’t think.
They let him go when he was out for two weeks. I have no idea why

Made the move. Starting roster looking good?

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drop Carr and get anyone else…

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Agree with @dirtylaxstar18 just need a better option than Carr

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Dalton or Trubisky???

Dalton for me but I won’t fight anyone who wants Trubisky

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Yeah Dalton was the pick up

I would drop cooper for Hilton in a heart beat.