Jarvis Landry Stock

Where do you guys see Jarvis Landry after the OBJ trade? Still a top receiver with the coverage shifted, or is he a WR2/3?

Pretty sure he was a WR2 before the move… I don’t see much change in that. Does Landry lose targets? No doubt. But he was not highly efficient last year so with the field opening up, the efficiency should too. His fantasy value will take a hit slightly in points but mainly his value will sink because of public perfection. He’s a screaming buy for me.

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@AsherFFB WR2 in PPR… I think he will have a slight bump in targets but I think his TDs will be limited

He saw 150 targets last year. Seems hard to reproduce that. But if he’s back inside, those targets become easier to catch so he could see the same if not more receptions

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My only counter point is that current Landry owners are going to overvalue him. Based on name and being the team WR1 as of March 11, 2019.

I think he’s a buy - but where are you going to find a trade partner to accepts the low price?

No doubt not easy. But there are definitely owners out there freaking out. Not saying you’ll get a fantastic deal on the guy but his cost is for sure lower

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I just saw him go for a late first and late second. In a pretty terrible draft class, I’d love that.


I think he is still a wr2, might even get a small jump. Obj will be double covered imo so there could be more space for Landry.

Plus the Browns are going to throw it allot.

It will deinitely rise due to OBJ getting double teamed.

In 2018 Jarvis Landry had 148 targets which made up 26% of the receiving market share for Cleveland. With OBJ, I see no way that this number increases or sustained. For the purpose of projections it has to go down. And so with it Landry’s value.

Not saying it crashes down to 70 or 80 targets. Landry is not worthless. But the expectation should change, in my opinion.

I would expect Landry to be around the 110-120 target mark for the year to be honest, and for me a key factor will be when Hunt comes back week 8/9 and is integrated as this will impact his targets but could and probably will have a major impact on his redzone and endzone looks.

With Chubb, Hunt, OBJ and Njoku you cannot expect Landry to get many redzone opportunities with that group, even without Hunt he would be at the back of that pack. That’s my worry with him, he could be a solid enough low end WR2 but i don’t think he has the WR1 ceiling anymore due to low TD upside and probably sub 90 receptions.

It’s hard to say exactly without seeing how the offense looks but that’s my take and the way Baker spreads it around with all the options now in year 2 it’s hard to say anyone will be guaranteed elite target share of 25%-30%.

To the point that the Browns will throw a lot, again i don’t know if they will if the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals cant get on track and if Chubb and Hunt can form one of the better backfields in the league they may well turn to the run more if their division doesn’t shape up to be a competitive 3 horse race they. Just a though that’s all.