Come on…I drop you and now you decide to blow up?!I

I feel so cheated.

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I did too. And I played against the person who picked him up

The absolute worst.

held him all year. i still have him but of course he was on my bench.

next week im sure if i do play him he will have a dud 2 catches for 17 yards

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Oh man I’m actually really hoping on that. The number 1 seed picked him up and I’m playing him next week.

Jarvis- this is your chance to do me right. Get those 17 yards.

aside from the 50 rushing yards he only had 3 catches on 4 targets. this is an easy “caution” still

And hopefully Duke Johnson comes back and that rushing goes away.

Come on fantasy gods!


Hey man! Thanks for making my opponent believe in you and putting up 30 yards when you faced me in semi finals! Thanks bud! We’re even now!

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