Jason Peters Out For Season... Effect on Wentz?

Now that Wentz lost his LT for the season, what do you guys think about his O-Line? I’m not an avid watcher of his games but know that Peters is a top lineman that will surely weaken the line in one way or another. I’ve seen him evading sacks like Houdini but will this hurt his production? I ask because am in talk with a Wentz owner and am curious as to what you guys think. Any input is appreciated, thanks.

P.S. If you’re wondering what the trade is, I’m giving up Matt Ryan, Matt Forte and Tevin Coleman for Carson Wentz. I figured someone might be curious to know.

Good post. I’m a huge Eagles fan and have been watching them religiously for longer than I’d like to admit lol. Gets painful over the years with all of the heartbreak. But Wentz is something special man, he does things that don’t seem possible and makes something out of nothing as was on display Monday night. Peters is a huge loss for the team, never easy to lose a HOF LT. But Vaiti is a capable replacement and they may slide Lane Johnson over to the left side and Vaiti to the Right for better protection. Philly has a great offensive line with Johnson, Kelce, Brooks, and has the depth as well. Wentz will be fine with the weapons we have this year. I wouldn’t be too concerned about his value being affected by losing Peters. We have some tough defensive matchups upcoming with Denver week 9, Bye week 10, and at Seattle week 13, but honestly Wentz keeps defying the odds and is worth starting virtually every week. Philly is very well rounded and our game script requires us to score points which is great for Wentz fantasy value. Sorry for the long response, but hope this helps. I have Wentz as my starter, and start him with confidence weekly. I did pickup Tyrod Taylor off waivers as the Bills schedule lines up nicely with those tough matchups so maybe do that as an insurance policy if available. Best of luck man, and Fly Eagles Fly :eagle::eagle::eagle:

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