Jay Ajayi Trade Analysis

Would like feedback on this trade. Traded Larry Fitzgerald & Adrian Peterson for Jay Ajayi & Thomas Rawls as a throw in. I have Kareem Hunt, Zeke, Alfred Morris for my other running backs. For WRs I have Michael Thomas, Dez Bryant, Marvin Jones, Jeremy Maclin, & Corey Davis. I also have Russell Wilson & Jimmy Graham. Feel like the Cardinals will be hard to rely on week to week and I love AJayi playing for one of the hottest offenses in the league.

Would love to get feedback on this trade. With my depth I don’t feel like I would want to start Fitzgerald that often. Thanks guys!

Fitz should keep his targets and they will also have to rely on the run game but I can see your concern. Jay Ajayi is in a better offense and if he takes over the lead role then you will have come out wining. However Rawls is pretty useless

Completely agree Rawls is useless. I pulled the trigger on the trade more to just get another stud RB that I can count on each week while Zeke is out. You are right in that the trade hinges on how much of a lead role Ajayi gets in that offense. I view him as clearly superior to Blount and all the other Philly RBs. I think it’s just a matter of time before he takes over and becomes the lead dog in that offense. Also feel like I can afford to give up Fitzgerald as I am in decent shape at WR with my other options.