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Jay Ajayi value


I’m in a 10-ream, 3-keeper, standard scoring league. Keepers count as 1st 3 rounds of draft, not round specific. I have as keepers now- Antonio Brown, Shady McCoy and Jay Ajayi. I just traded Lamar Miller and a piece I wasn’t gonna keep for Ajayi. I have a few pieces on my bench to put together for another trade (Crowell, ARob, Alshon). What do you guys think about packaging Ajayi and a bench player or so to try to upgrade the Ajayi spot?


Well if its me im not trading him for a WR. You can get them later. And i dont know how much of an increase crowell is. Im completely ok with you trying though. If you work it right you might be able to swing three fiest round grades. Mccoy and brown are already there.so yeah trade your whole team if you gotta to keep thosw 2 and then add a third huge piece.


That’s what I was thinking. Though I know I won’t be able to get Bell/DJ/Zeke so my targets would be limited. No way I would trade for a WR.


Keep Ajayi, you’re starting your draft in the 4th round the wr upgrades you think you are going to get just won’t be there. Unless you have a top 3 pick I wouldn’t risk it. Ajayi is a early to middle 2nd rounder and you’re getting him in the third. Also why would anyone trade you at this point for non keepers. The only possible keeper you have left is Crowell and that’s if someone values him.


Ajayi makes me very nervous. I mean he only broke into double digits in 6 games last season. If I were you I may try and trade for Howard. He has minimal risk and the upside is that he is the next AP.


He makes me a little nervous but I’m more than confident w/ him at RB2. But Crowell’s ADP is on the rise and I still have him on roster (keepers aren’t official til just before draft. If I can find the right situation I was thinking of Ajayi/Crowell trade for a hoss RB1.


I’d be interested to see what you can get for that.


Ajayi/Crowell for Freeman, Howard or Gordon. Depending on the makeup of the team you trade to, it could work.


@Lt.dangler I offered Ajayi/Crowell for Freeman. He countered w/ Freeman for Ajayi/Henry. I jumped all over that. So now I have Freeman, Shady and A. Brown as my keepers heading into draft!