Jay Ajayi Worth?

Recently (RB) Jay Ajayi reported that he has FULLY recovered from injury and is ready to play. I have stashed him on my bench. Do you think that IF and WHEN he gets signed with a team that he could produce FLEX or RB2 points. (I am in a Non-ppr)

You are correct to capitalize IF and WHEN. A ton of things have to go right for him to have fantasy relevance.

  1. He has to be signed (to a decent team.)
  2. He has to learn the playbook quickly.
  3. He has to prove he’s better than the established RBs on that team.
  4. He has to escape the dreaded committee approach.
  5. He has to stay healthy.

You can hold him and hope all these things happen or even just some of them, but there is no guarantee that he even gets past number 1 on this list.

Know what about Kareem Hunt. Being that the Browns have a really good backfield without him and not being able to be with the team or go to any of their functions until I think week 8(?) and gets cleared for injury and able to play week 10. Do you think he will just be sat and take time to learn the playbook (probably knows it, just haven’t practiced it) and actually PRACTICE with the team.
Should I avoid him. WILL Chubb be the starter?